Firming Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enhancement Mask

Firming Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enhancement Mask

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Skin Boosted with High-Performance Facial Masks

 Upgraded performance and active ingredients.

More than just an ordinary entry-level moisturizing and whitening facial mask, it also delivers initial anti-aging benefits.  In addition, its exclusive chin lift design helps lift and tighten sagging skin during application. 


Unique Wovenlock Spunlace Facial Mask structure

Effectively locks in the serum for better infusion results, so that the effect goes deep down below the surface and boosts skin performance.


Exclusive Extraction Technology Patented in France

Exclusive patented extraction technology helps retain active ingredients during plant extraction, resulting in a more advanced serum formula!



Firming Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enhancement Mask

Dual vinifera flower extract can fortify skin’s defense mechanism and activate skin’s repair ability, while tripeptide can penetrate deep into the skin to effectively reduce fine lines.  Additionally, collagen and adansonia digitata extract are also added to hydrate skin as well as to revive skin fairness and health.

Main Ingredients | Vitis Vinifera Flowers Extract, Tripeptide, Soluble Collagen, Adansonia Digitata Extract, Dual Soothing Factor


 Dual vinifera flower extract 

Extracted from two types of red grapes that are complementary, the extract ingredients reinforce each other and the effect is synergistic.

In addition to providing skin hydration and nutrition, Vitis Vinifera Flowers Extract can also help fortify skin’s defense and repair mechanism as well as slow down skin aging.